Our Arlington Integrative Medicine Specialists

Karen L. Spencer DNP, ACNP-BC

Karen is a Nurse Practitioner and has been in nursing for a very long time. After earning her undergrad at Hampton University, she practiced in Oncology, Medical ICU and ED before graduating from her Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program. She brings over 20 years of educating nursing students, Medical Residents, patients, and nursing staff to our practice.

Karen “stumbled” into pain management when moving to Maryland with her family and beginning her work at a Sickle Cell Clinic there. This is where she found her passion for helping people in pain. After that she served 14 years at the Washington DC VA Medical Center where she regularly consulted with neurologists to help patients suffering from a wide array of neurological conditions. She also ran several programs including the Mental Health Pain Service. Her capstone project for her Doctorate degree from Rush University was the development and implementation of an Inpatient Interdisciplinary Pain Consult Service (IIPCS). Karen went on to implement, expand, and manage her project independently in the Department of Mental Health, becoming the first Nurse Practitioner in the Department of Veteran Affairs to do so.

Having been a chronic pain patient herself, Karen truly understands and appreciates the pain and challenges our patients face. Coupled with her education, her past personal experiences have given her the necessary preparation to provide excellent service to her patients and help them traverse the road to pain relief and better overall health.

When not in the clinic, Karen likes to swim and tend to her garden of fragrant flowers. A self-proclaimed “bird nerd”, watching and feeding the birds in her yard is a favored pastime. Most often though, you can find Karen in her “She Shed” working with her paints, clay, glass, and resin as she is a mixed media artist. The rest of her time is spent with her husband, son, and their family dog and cat.

Dr. Olya Morgen, D.C.

Dr. Morgen is a provider and owner of Full Motion Integrated Medicine located in Arlington, Virginia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and then went on to New York Chiropractic College where she graduated in 2005 as a salutatorian. Beyond her extensive experience as a chiropractor, she is full body and Masters certified in Active Release Techniques and is certified to practice Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Overall, she has been practicing in Virginia since 2006.

Patients at her clinic range from office workers to olympic athletes and she has found that the combination of regenerative medicine, chiropractic, and physical rehabilitation has been extremely beneficial in all cases and all walks of life. The philosophy and vision of the clinic all stem from Dr. Morgen’s own passion to find solutions that will enable her patients to avoid surgery and opioids.

Dr. Morgen grew up a musician, hiker, artist, and martial artist, specializing in Karate, Kung Fu and Krav Maga. When she is not treating runners, she has been an active participant herself having run in many half marathons and marathons over the past decade and a half. The remainder of her free time is spent having fun with her husband and three children: Aria, Xander, and Desmond.

Kelly Cooper, PT

Kelly has earned a BS in Kinesiological Science from the University of Maryland and a BS in Physical Therapy from Howard University. She has worked in general orthopedics treating individuals from pediatric to geriatric. She has also directed work hardening programs and has regularly performed functional capacity evaluations throughout her career. She enjoys helping patients achieve their functional goals and establish lifelong fitness. In her spare time, she likes working in her yard and with houseplants. She also enjoys spending time with her grandkids.

Xylene Lundgren, PTA

Xylene earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in the Philippines in 2003. She has a strong background in orthopedic rehabilitation, neurologic rehabilitation, and vestibular rehabilitation. She has completed multiple continuing education courses specializing in various manual therapy and exercise techniques. In addition, Xylene specializes in the use of IASTM tools, kinesio taping and myofascial cupping techniques. Her ever-present goal is to focus on decreasing pain, increasing strength and motion, stabilization and postural control to achieve a more functional and healthy lifestyle for all her patients.

Outside of the office, Xylene likes gardening, singing, watching movies and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Brian Morgen

Brian is the Clinic Director at Full Motion Integrated Medicine and has been helping Dr. Morgen on and off since the practice was originally opened back in 2011. Wearing many hats, he helps with overall office coordination between our providers, front desk staff, and our patients. Brian’s past experience as an architect and designer has helped the clinic over the years as improvements have been made. Whether building Legos with his children or crafting a story for a tabletop roleplaying game, Brian has an eternal itch for using imagination and creativity in his daily life.