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"I've been suffering from sciatic nerve pain for more than a year - nothing was working. After one treatment, my pain was gone! Dr. Morgen's a miracle worker."
- Jillian Gibson

"Dr. Morgen is a very perceptive chiropractor and is willing to "think outside-the-box". If something isn't working, she changes her course of treatment, or refers you to someone who can help you get better."
- Mercedes

"Dr. Morgen has an understanding of physiology that is completely unrivaled. The techniques she has used for my sports injury simply work and get results. My constant pain is slowly dissolving with every appointment. Dr. Morgen also takes the time to explain everything she is doing. I'm just happy to have found Full Motion!"
- Scott M.

"That was the best massage of my life!"
- Leslie F.

"My first visit blew me away! Wonderful office staff, very nice offices, and Dr. Morgen was very pleasant, thorough and knowledgeable. She described for me what she was going to do and why and kept me comfortable throughout the treatment. I'm happy too to know that she also does acupuncture. I was referred by an office colleague, and I will be referring FMLS to others in the future."
- Susanna Schnably

"I suffered from tension headaches and migraines. The first day I saw Olya I left her office with 100% relief from tension in my neck and shoulders. It was the most amazing feeling to be completely pain free and something I hadn't felt in many years. I used to carry prescription migraine meds, Excedrin Migraine, Advil and Aspirin for "just in case" headaches and I don't have to do that anymore. Thank you, Olya. You changed my life!"
- Buffi Wilder

"Was seen by Dr. Doug Gold, an excellent chiropractor, on Wednesday. I woke up this Thursday morning with my first good night's sleep in 4-5 days after his adjustment and ART. Dr Gold is attentive and caring, and he listens to my issues and observations about my body. He has really good technique and is perceptive to soft tissue issues while working on my body. I highly recommend."
- Whit Wheeler

"Full Motion has been great on all levels; making appointments - and changing them, billing, and availability. Everyone is friendly and cheerful and the office, examine rooms, and bathroom always clean. Dr Gold is great. I have several nagging injuries and they are much improved. I will, and have, recommended Dr Gold and Full Motion."
- Gretchen Boyland

"As a competitive dancer and track and field athlete, being able to move optimally and have a full range of motion in all manners is critical for me. Full Motion Life & Sport really lives up to its name of helping me keep optimal mobility and full motion, which is essential for top performance and injury prevention, in addition to injury rehabilitation. Dr. Morgen and Dr. Gold really understand how the body operates and know how to provide the care needed to help anyone enjoy daily activities more, plus they and the staff are really nice! I often recommend my coworkers to go to Full Motion Life & Sport whenever they have mobility issues or nagging injuries, and they definitely notice an improvement."
- Sean Nguyen

"I look forward to and am never disappointed following an appointment at Full Motion. The staff is friendly and warm; the treatment always comprehensive."
- Jackie Bottash

"Great service. The doctors and staff are great and go the extra mile to help their patients. Highly recommended."
- Chris Bannon